Sydney Michuda


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Sydney Michuda

I'm a Milwaukee-based graphic designer and illustrator. As a Wisconsin native, I've spent the past several years designing for brands large and small from all parts of the country. I specialize in branding, typography, illustration, print and web design, and concepting. I'm happiest when creating something new, which is why I always give myself weekly projects to challenge myself and learn new skills. Currently, I work as a designer at Rev Pop Inc, a Milwaukee design and advertising agency. I'm always looking for new opportunities so if you have a project in mind, or would just like to chat over cocktails, drop me a line!


Select Clients:

  • Amazon
  • Chacos Footwear
  • Broadway Paper
  • After Gallery
  • Intel
  • 88Nine Radio Milwaukee
  • Freckled Pottery
  • Colleen Elizabeth / Artist & Designer
  • Britt Crowe Photography

Dream Projects:

  • Boutique Grocery Store Branding and Packaging
  • Any and all murals
  • Canned Wine Packaging
  • Poké Restaurant
  • Editorial/Magazine Illustrations

What's Happenin'?

Follow my daily activities and weekly projects on my Instagram, @sydneymichuda